podcast update

hey every one whats up, iv’e been working on a podcast im going to put a link to my sound cloud right here

im going to have to shows one will be about history and politics

and the other will be a comedy show were we just talk about what ever

genius hour project

what ive decided to do is wright a book and i think ive got a good idea theirs going to be wars,adventures,love,loss,and tons of

The reason this book is so important to me is because ive had this idea in my head for so long it would be a shame not to wright it ive planned and planned this story for months so when i finally finish its going to be great

my goal is to make sure this story is nothing short of a legend and that it will be enjoyed for a long long time.

I will measure my success by how many people enjoy it

heirs a hint for what its about


what i plan to do this summer

I plan to go to my uncle and aunts house and ride their go karts and dirt bikes and play mad max fury road and chase each other on them.I also cant wait to go to the carnival in clear lake I always like going on the rides and eating the food  because let me tell you there is nothing better then carnival food like when you get the funnel cake on the sugar then the guy comes over with the melted icing an


d its just   meatball. the corn dogs are also incredibly good when they fry them right in front of you and when you order some lemonade with it and you can see them squeeze the lemons right in front of you mmmmmMan I could just go on and on about how much I love carnival food. but im going to stop here

salt water crocodile

Do you know what this is kid? this is a male salt what crocodile 3,000 pounds and 20 feet long and nothing but pure nightmare fuel! you think your safe from this thing because your not in salt water while you shoudent because it can also survive in fresh water. guess where they live Australia guess for how long 4.5 million years and if your species can survive in Australia for 4 million and a half years you know they have to be tough. and this thing is no vegan but it sticks to is food groups meat meat and can you guess more meat its favorite slices of meat are deer, saber, wild boar,kangaroos,orangutans,dingo,banteng,and water buffalo(there are more things but if i list them all we would be here a while).Do you think your safe because you’re a human?well your not! because this thing treats anything from fish to elephants as if it personally broke into his home and raided its fridge in other words it wants you to stay off his turf. the worlds largest salt water crocodile ever recorded was 22 feet long crazy right! but somethings threatening there existants because no matter  how big and scary you are you cant survive gun shots. so every body lets stop trying to hunt crocodiles.

Jumping Crocodile


you are walking down the farmers market with your son when he points to a rack of pineapples and ask for a pear you do not understand whypineapple-2why must the fruit be at war why must we fight this bitter war the suffering and fear caused by the pears abuse and murder of the pineapple raising questions why don’t pineapples grow from pine trees or why don’t pears grow in pairs despite these questions you yourself don’t know what im talking about all you know is you wasted time of your life reading this. now why do you think your read this did the big pine apple raise your interest comment below and tell me what you thought (it was supposed to be weird)